Summer Teen Club will be running this year from 6/21 – 8/12/22. Come by the Adult Reference Desk to register, or email Sam at

How Does Summer Reading Work?

cool  Books will be tracked by time spent reading. Please wait to record your time until you’ve finished the book.

cool  To track your reading, fill out a book review slip at the Adult Reference Desk OR email Sam at with a short book review and your time spent reading (hours and minutes).

cool  You’ll get the choice of a prize or raffle ticket for every 3 hours spent reading (Sam will keep track of any leftover minutes and tally them up at the end).

cool  You can also earn 25 minutes each time you attend a summer teen program. Sam will keep track of these minutes, too!

cool  At the end of the summer, we’ll pick the raffle winners AND give prizes to the three teens who spent the most time reading.

cool  Please note that you can only track your reading and pick up prizes/raffle tickets when Sam is in the building. If you’re worried that she won’t be at the        library or will be in a program, call the Adult Reference desk! The number is: (845) 623-4281 ex. 128

Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm | Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm