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We have a bunch of databases that can be really helpful when you're doing homework or school projects. Keep in mind; databases are not the same as websites. Databases are collections of articles from publications like encyclopedias, newspapers or magazines. That means you are getting information that has been checked to make sure it is true and is written by authors who are experts on the stuff they are writing about. This is sometimes not done with websites. If your teacher says you can't use the Internet, chances are you CAN use a database, since it is just an online location for stuff you could find in an encyclopedia or newspaper. The cool thing about databases is that they collect a lot of different sources and put them all in one place! It's an easier and faster way to search through lots of different sources all at the same time. You can always ask your teacher if you are unsure if you can use them.

You can see all the databases here. You need to type in the barcode on the back of your library card to use them, so have it handy! Here are some suggestions for the best ones to choose from the list.

21st-Century Explorer
Online reference and learning tools for students who read below grade level, are dealing with specific learning problems, or are at risk of falling behind.

Resource Center
Find articles on more than one million people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. For grades 5-8

Ebsco KidsSearch
Search for information in magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias and TV and radio broadcast transcripts. There are even primary source documents and photos! For grades 5-8

eLibrary Elementary
More than 390 magazines, newspapers, books, and transcripts-plus thousands of maps, images, educator-approved websites from Homework Central®, and audio/video titles, all selected as appropriate for elementary school studies.

Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids
The free online version of the popular encyclopedia. Look up thousands of topics!

Kids InfoBits
Kids InfoBits is like having two databases in one to serve the diverse needs of two groups of young students - those in kindergarten through grade two and the more research-savvy students in grades three through five.

Search magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries for articles on tons of topics for projects, current event articles and pictures. For grades 2-5


Need to use the Internet? Try these websites to get the best information for your homework or school project.

Internet Public Library
This site has tons of websites you can use for homework or school projects, including a science fair project page and information on states and presidents. All the sites have been chosen by librarians, so you can be sure the information is accurate. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can email a librarian and they will help you!

Librarians Internet Index
Lots of sites organized by topics to help you with homework, projects, or just finding information for fun. All the sites are selected by librarians to make sure you get the best information

Kid’s Click
Use the search box or browse the categories to find information on sites that have been reviewed by librarians

Fact Monster
Online encyclopedia, almanac, “This Day in History”, Atlases, State Information and lots more!